Modern Caregiving White Paper


Modern Caregiving: From Aging to Finances to Stuff, Today’s Caregiving is Expanding Past Death

From supporting parents as they age and downsize, to managing probate and estate liquidation, more and more Gen Xers are taking time away from work and family to care for others. They are pressed into extended caregiving that continues even after a death, when they must manage the loved one’s belongings and house.

“Caregiving doesn’t stop when a loved one dies,” says Legacy Navigator co-founder Pete Shrock “Today’s caregivers need our support just as much after a death, when a family’s grief and anxiety are running high.”

Our 2017 National Care Survey explores this growing trend, and offers ways to care for Modern Caregivers.

Topics Covered Include:

  • How caregiving is squeezing Gen Xers
  • Few caregivers understand finances or probate
  • Managing “the stuff” causes the most stress
  • How caregivers risk damaging budding careers

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